Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Paul Van Der Sloot Sworn In
Paul Van Der Sloot, once held in connection with the disappearance of an Alabama teenager was cleared on of suspicion in the case last November and has now been installed in the capacity of a lawyer on the island. Paul van der Sloot entered the courthouse yesterday to present his application to the “raad van toezict”
(Supervisory Commission) and the members of the Aruban Lawyers Association. The commission, together with the lawyers association reviewed his application and attached documents, concluding that he satisfied the qualifications to be accepted as an active lawyer working on the island of Aruba. (Aruba Today)

He had wanted to be a judge, but that did not quite work out (and I have heard a few reasons why and still don't understand why.) He is now sworn in as a lawyer and working with his son's lawyer in the law firm. - Greta Van Susteren

Remember this is a guy who apparently taught his son how to hide a body and made statements about, well if there is no body, there is no crime. I might agree that at this point they can‘t prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, have to be an idiot to think this father has no involvement in this case. - Wendy Murphy

(Photos: Diario Aruba)

Investigating New Leads
Aruban police are searching sand dunes along Aruba’s northeast coast in attempts to make a break in the case for missing Alabama teenage Natalee Holloway. Jossy Mansur with Aruba's “Diario” newspaper and Holloway family attorney John Q. Kelly joined Rita Cosby on ‘Live and Direct’ to discuss the recent developments as well as a gag order in the case.

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Blogger medleyrelay said...

Well all I can say - once again - is good for him! He seems to me like a true gentleman and certainly someone I would want as my lawyer!

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the downfall of Aruba. Just like someone used to say "Paulo, you had done hell a heck of a job". And you do look like a Superior court justice smid. God bless you not, Aruba will vanish from the face of this earth because of your favorite proverbial "No Body, No Life". Gottchaa.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say good for him too. I read long ago that Paul VDS never even made this famous statement that continues to be repeated. If I had a group of people coming after my son, I would tell them legally everything I know to help them prepare for dealing with being railroaded. Joran made many statements that left no doubt that he clearly expected Natalee to show up and that he did not know where she was.

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita Cosby on MSNBC announced this site and I understand she caused readers to think this is a site that Joran has been managing. The site was running the whole time he was locked up. Who does manage this site? The credibility of MSNBC is gone with this case.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

At last Paul succeeded! I'm very happy for him and his family. I just sended him my best wishes!

3:42 AM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

"...If I had a group of people coming after my son, I would tell them legally everything I know to help them prepare for dealing with being railroaded..."

Just my thoughts, a father should help his son, as I should do myself. Then all the bla bla about the fishers net, cutting to peaces, and so on. Some read to much horror stories or whatching to much horror DVD's.

6:03 AM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

"...This is the downfall of Aruba..."

The wish is the mother of all thoughts, is what we say in our beloved Holland!

God save the Dutch and the Arubans! Hi, Ho!

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Two of the boys said they had consensual sex with her. Whether consensual or not, depends on her ability to be conscious and make a choice,” said Cohen.

Paul has brought up a wonderful son who is a mirror image of himself. He is a fabricator, philanderer,gambler,boozer and doesn't have accept responsibility for anything. Yes, a father should help his son, but not to be a criminal and to not accept responsibility for their actions. What PVDS doesn't manage now, becomes everyone elses problem later. Do you want to do it? Me either.

8:56 AM  
Blogger medleyrelay said...

So this site according to MSNBC is run by Joran - well that should tell all you lamebrains something - that what comes from cable news is a bunch of fabrication and lies - oh ya, I can certainly see Joran being the runner and poster of this site - certainly he would want to crucify himself and his family the cruel way so many of you have here!

and as for Steve Cohen - every time he opens his mouth he is contradicting himself - there should be a very large muzzle for his mouth with his foot stuck in it!

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep you beaches clean and litter free Aruba, and they will come.:o)

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joran is running for his life, the US Sheriffs are after him. Palus, his dad, the new criminal lawyer is filing an emergency notion with the International Ammesty Tribunal in Hague to halt the high profile hot pursuit. However, the Interpol in Brussel refuted the PDVS plea. We don't know what happen at present. However, the International School in Aruba which sponsoring his studies in Holland indicated Joran had not return to his classes since his return to Holland. Nobody knows where is his whereabouts. It is a mystery.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am praying and believing that Natalee's body will be found and on that day this "father" and his son, and the brother's that lied will be brought to justice and all of Beth Holloway's critics will be silenced by the truth.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

Something new for me, this site running by Joran LOL! Dream on! I can assure you it's some sicko who launches the pics every time just to have some new gossip starting!
Talking about boozer, isn't that these days the mayor problem of our youth? As well in the States, as wel in several European coutries, thanks to the commerce! All kinds of nice coulored and tasted fruitdrinks with Wodka (breezers here in Holland). Youngsters can buy here (Holland) when they're 16 beer etc. Cafe owners who keep on pouring beer, until the user is fed up, just because the coins are rinkling! Thank heavens we now here have a minister who's going to seize the age when usres may buy alcohol, as wel as the cafe owners, and if the beloved parents themzelf now also whatch their youngsters...
So, only because Joran's only mistake is last seen with Natalee it will be widely measured on Internet that he will have some beers in his spare time (just as every picture taken of him, maybe some .... of the pictures)!

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

River and Medley,

how laughable you are! I guess next you are going to say that Paulus is handsome in that robe! Medley , Paulus is suitable to represent O.J., not a "lamebrain" like you! He's into much bigger and better crimes, Im sure...keep sucking up to these scumbags..what goes around comes around

1:58 PM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

I guess you havent seen our show "the 10 most spoken persons of the year 2005", with Natalee and Joran at the 4th place. You should have lapped up the story, with Beth in the middle. But as I said in the first topic: nothing new!
By the way, non lawyer is handsom in his robe, so why should Paulus be? He deserves to fullfill his job!
"FreeJoran - JoranFree"

4:33 PM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

Sorry, forgot to mention that your Phill was mentioned too!

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boo to Paul Van Der Sloot and his son Joran. Van Der Sloot should not be allowed to practice law. I certainly wouldn't have him for my lawyer. I hope Joran fails his first year of college.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

Why not? May I ever need one I'll have him as a lawyer! The only thing he did was advising his son, as a father should do. i would handle in the same way! And Joran, sorry to disappoint you, he does well at college.

4:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Rik you would "advise" your son to lie. That's excellent. And we were wondering how kids today get so messed up? A father's job, amongst many other things, is to teach his son how to be a man and be an honest, law abiding citizen. Not some arrogant punk who cares only for himself. Lead by example, Rik. My nephew went to school with Joran and you don't want your boy to be like him.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

River you defend him so much (and the only one bothering to) maybe you ARE his son. Sad thing is Joran has little brothers growing up and seeing what they will be allowed to do in this world, rape, murder... so much for teaching them to respect women, that are not for pleasure, Joaran has set a great example for them with his past actions and his ever present actions. I wouldn't be proud of him, all the flaunting he is doing, yes, he got on with his life, unfortunately his getting on is no better than his life before. No wonder he had his own apt. who wants to be around him with his anger.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joran, is bad person and getting on with his life was no better than his life before. He is a bad example for his little brothers and I wouldn't want him around the younger ones if I was his mother....he is teaching them to be a boozer, gambler, murderer, rapist and that they can get away with it, oh,, not to mention LIAR.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

"...River you defend him so much (and the only one bothering to) maybe you ARE his son..."

Then Joran should be about73 years old of age!!!

6:00 AM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

"...My nephew went to school with Joran and you don't want your boy to be like him..."

Here at this blog one could say/post anything as they like! For me there's so much going on, not just by JvdS, but also the behaviour of f.e. the MB's. Nothing has been prooven yet, there's no body. One thing that won't get in my mind is the fact that in only a few hours there's been an rape, a murder, disposal of the body (even in a fishermen's net, dumped into the ocean). Sorr, I stay with my view, certainly bcause of all the hatered that has been spraid here. Only one thing some people want to see here is hanging J. on to the highest tree, nomatter what! He has been seen last with NH, OK! But that means not............. for me. And as long as this campaign of hate goes along, together with pronouncements that is neither here nor there I will prolong! ANd J. knows, as well as he knows what my thoughts will be if he will ever been prooven guilty, whoch I dont believe.
And besides that, don't tell me how to raise my kids, they're both respectable citizens, married, studying and having a wellrespected job. So, I'm proud of them, as I am proud of them they respect my point of view in this case.
As for telling your son "to say nothing", is not a lie to me.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Sue said...

Well it is nice they have one more crook for a attorney in Aruba...

12:48 AM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

Crook?? Your own experience with Paul?

3:22 AM  
Blogger nononsense1 said...

The island "justice" is largely corrupt, everyone who spends any real time there knows this, so don't even go there.

As for Joran, and his "gang", I would be ashamed if he were my son... Let's not even bring the murder into the discussion, but let's start at how he conducted himself that evening. He picked up a prety young woman (jeez ys think they wanted to show her the sights at that hour of the evening?!) and left her totally alone and intoxicated on a beach. Just that is questionable ethics, manners, morality - yuck, what a slime ball.

No, I don't think the Joran crowd carries any credibility. And, just to make matters worse, they are smug.

It would be fine with me if Aruba never again saw a US or Canadian dollar, until this case is resolved. Someone on that island knows what happened. We should all, the good people of Aruba included, be pressuring, protesting and generally raising all hell we can to push the authorities to resolve the case.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

"....The island "justice" is largely corrupt..."

Have you ever looked into the backyard of your own nation? Shall we have some history wright here in this blogg? And don't come with abuses in the Netherlands, because I'm fully aware of it in contrast perhaps of your own view about things. And smug?? Posting like this is smug to a lot of people, given in by a tremendous portion of hate. To me one of those (let me call it nicely) people who like to see Joran and the brothers hang, what so ever or what ever it takes.

6:33 AM  
Blogger nononsense1 said...

I never said anything about "hang" - your words.

All politics carry corruption - but the Carribean islands are INFAMOUS for their lack of standards, payoffs, etc.

River, you are attempting deversion of the core TRUTHS of this cases points through sensationalism of abstract points that have nothing to do with NH or resolution of the situation.

Get with the program. We're all entitled to our opinions - even you.

I for one, harbor no hate to anyone, including JVDS. I do, however wish to drive a point toward justice for NH. If JVDS falls somewhere in the resolution in the truths of this case - oh well, be it what it may.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

Fine, no hate, than don't use words like "rat". My final words.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous river_52 said...

We know, nononsense! Drugged, raped, killed, and so on, and so on. Yes, the media, the money, publicity......., the poor Beth and so on.

It's the way people like you nononsense, who make people look like some insensitive bastards! Just your way of adressing people like myself and others who think like me (unguilty until prooven); your intense haughtyness and self-satisfation way oof profiling yourself as the almighty mother knowing all!

Just tyr to read between the lines of the posts, and then you might discover the way some people are thinking.

Maybe I'm not expressing my self in the right way, simply because I'm Dutch from Antillian origine; so my native tongue is not English. But that's something you'll not give a damn about.

1:43 PM  
Blogger nononsense1 said...

Copy, paste. I don't care about your use of the English language. Just try to get outside yourself and be objective about the circumstances. Whether you work with these people or not, you should be able to maintain perspective on what is credible, vs what is not. JVDS and company greatly lack credibility.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how stupid are they in Aruba to let this guy show up in a court of law acting like a lawyer. lol What a Joke.

3:38 AM  
Blogger nononsense1 said...

well PVDS as a lawyer just goes to show the level of their professionalism in the court system. No wonder NH hasn't been found, they're a bunch of keystone cops waddling around bumping into one another - that is until someone slips them a buck or two - then they walk straight for a while.

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How big can Aruba be, and they just cannot find a body after a lot of searching on the island... maybe there is a body, but walking around alive!!! And congrats to PvdS!!!

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Letting paulis be a lawyer is like letting Charlie Manson run a drug center. It makes no scents.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joran, I hope you and that fat cocksucker pig of a dad get fucking shot!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paulus and Joran, you two are going is just a matter of time when Aruba finally throws you both out no matter how much involved you are with authorities with corruption. Sicko's - drugging tourists and taking advantage of them - how many women have you taken advantage of? Sad that you have to drug women to be with you...LOL. Sicko's - just how many women are involved and how many are dead? I hope that someone drugs you both and drags you out into the dark sea and let's the sharks feed on you....just a matter of time sicko's.....just a matter of time .

8:46 PM  
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