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Exclusive Court Documents
"This is a case about a high-school graduation trip to a tropical paradise that turned to tragedy. The trip was an opportunity for a group of young people to celebrate the end of one phase of their lives and the beginning of another. But for one young woman on that ill-fated trip, paradise it was not. For that young woman, Natalee Holloway, the trip was a brutal contrast to a life full of promise and hope."


"They talk about him in the lawsuit as the predator. I love it!" - Renee Rockwell, Defense Attorney

Confirmed: The Van Der Sloots have left NYC
Despite reports to the contrary, the Van Der Sloots were not flown out onboard the ABC disney jet. The parents left on Friday evening to Aruba, Joran left on Saturday and is back in the Netherlands

New Tip In Aruba
Dutch newspapers are reporting Aruba police have recieved a 'semi-credible' anonymous tip to the possible location of the grave (Dutch Article here)

"If you cant get justice in a criminal court, why shouldn't people hire private attorneys and take matters into their own hands in this very legal way to try and find justice. This is a creative lawsuit by John Q Kelly. I take my hats off to him." Lisa Bloom

"What is he doing in New York? Isn`t he supposed to be studying and keeping a low profile? What, is he going to see Broadway plays, seeing the Empire State Building? They couldn`t get out and help find Natalee the day after she goes missing, but they can come to New York and sightsee!" - Nancy Grace

(Click here to launch Dan Abrams video)

"So how did we — FOX News — get the news first that Joran van der Sloot was served with a lawsuit on the runway at JFK and his father was served at a New York City hotel? Well, I can't give you all the details — since I don't want to burn sources — but I can give you a bit of the background...." Read More at GretaWire

(Click here for Joran's exclusive interview)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

someone please tell me how a lawsuit against the VDS can be filed in NY for something that allegedly happened in Aruba when the VDS dont have any ties to New York. I think Joran is guilty as hell, but I know I would be pissed off if some dude from Europe sued me in his country in a place where he does not live and I could not have possibly commited any kind of act in just because I happened to be there visiting and could be served with a lawsuit.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone can file a lawsuit. The filing itself does not make it meritorious.

In fact, the actual complaint is fatally flawed. Twitty and her atty will be fodder for late night tv ala letterman and leno.

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Sue said...

Because under statue the lawsuit was filed in New York Courts and when the van der sloots entered the US and entered New york that gave the courts jurisdiction over the preceedings

12:51 AM  
Blogger nononsense1 said...

The suits are less about the money and more about principal. This guy should not be here. The parents who brought him here must have more than a few screws loose to have brought him to the US for an interview, book deal or any other reason. Has to make me wonder if the parents are hoping some crazy will take their 6'5" problem off their hands for them. I don't know, but Paulus being so protective, seemingly anyway, this whole scene doesn't fit thar protective parent profile. Beth should push the media to raise awareness, so the VDS family can't put a toe outside of their apartment without being recognized on the street.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a well known lawyer stated on Greta or Rita. This lawsuit is just a script for a lifetime movie. Twitty has dug a deep hole for herself. I hope VDS obtained a great lawyer to sue them all for slander.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A court will decide if the service of the papers is sufficient to burden the county's taxpayers with the responsibility of litigating something that has no ties to the county.

This was a set-up in coordination with an ABC TV employee, IMO.

The suit is self-contradictory by allowing that Natalee would not get out of the car at 1:30 AM - then claims that she was detained against her will by Joran. Which is it?

It then claims she was "debased" for "hours", when the known facts are that one or both Kalpoes was online 30 minutes later and Joran was at home by 3AM.

At best, the missing girl was only with one or more parties for about 30 - 60 minutes after the Kalpoes, one or both went online at about 1:50 AM. Another 30 minutes expired allowing Vandersloot to walk home. Walking home appears possible, since cell records verify his activity pinged off towers along the route taken home as claimed by Joran at the times claimed.

Kelly has professionally embarrassed himself. I thought he had a good rep - but apparently he is just a profiteer.

Now the Twitty/Holloway team have opened themselves up to counter lawsuits claiming stalking and harrassment, that have a far better chance of prevailing than this stupid one.

They can file in Aruba, and that will cost the family a fortune to litigate, if they aren't arrested at the airport for assault and obstruction first.

11:33 AM  
Blogger nononsense1 said...

I guess we'll all need to wait and see what the strategy of the lawsuit really is, since none of us are part of the Twitty legal counsel.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that this case will even be considered by a court, cause there is no jurisdiction in NY. If there is any damage due to JvdS that damage has been done in Aruba and international law dictates that's where the damage should be gotten. I highly doubt the court will take this case.

Whereas the continuous slander of the familiy against JvdS I think can be considered by the courts. This is a major mistake imho.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The video can be seen here:

From monday the 20th onwards, due to some copyright issues according to NOVA.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shows Paul and Anita after they got served. They first went for a stroll in Central Park. Then they were served. Their lawyer was not with them because he expected something like this could happen.

They tried to call Joran to warn him to wait at the airport because Anita and Paul were afraid for the wellbeing of their son because they didn't know to what lengths the family of Natalee would go towards Joran. Joran said he got served on the plane and after being held by customs for 3 hours they were finally let into the country where another group of very abusive and violent people associated with the Law-firm/process serving waited for them. One of the people sent to pick up Joran was pushed to the floor by these foulmouth/abusive proces-servers or by the people in their entourage..

Joran was warned but he thought it would not happen because he is innocent and has done only 2 things wrong. Leave Natelee on the beach and lie that first time to the police.

He stated he and his 2 friends thought up the Holliday Inn lie when they heard from his father there were people called Holloway standing outside the van der Sloot home. He and his friends then agreed to say they left her at the Holiday Inn because they thought she woulld resurface in a few days and because he didn't want family and friends to know that he left a girl alone at the beach.

He talked about the fact that Natalee asked him out, that she had been drinking prior to his arrival and that she was already drunk/on the road to being drunk and that she wanted to go with them and they did not ask her to go with them.

They then drove away from the club, stopping at some friends of Natalee who tried to get her to leave the car, they stopped to let her out if she wanted too but she didn't want to get out of the car. They drove around to the tourist sports Natalee wanted to visit, then Deepak and Satish went home.

He and Natalee were alone for some time untill he told her he needed to go home and go to school. She refused to leave the beach for the hotel so he called the Kalpoe residence and the older of the 2 brothers came and picked him up (by himself). He gave Joran a lift back home.

Joran as said has 2 regrets, leaving her at the beach and not telling the truth from the get-go.

He then talked about Natalee being a bit pushy and not really the kind of girl he would normally hang out with. He wasn't won over by her personality/did not really find her sympathetic or nice. He didn't say anything about having sex with Natalee.

He denies any and all involvement in Natalee's disappearance and that the family had decided to not keep quiet anymore and speak the truth according to them because all his friends/family and loved ones know he has never been violent towards a woman/girl and that he is innocent of what he is being accused off.

His father said that the entire story that is written in the civil suit is bogus and that it is real easy to dispell the accusations of the Twitty/Holloway camp. He did not give off the impression of being either scared or impressed by the text of the lawsuit because according to him the content of the lawsuit is untrue.

more to come.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The interview with Joran was fairly short. the most remarkeble things that he said that Natalee was quit agressive in her aproach towards Joran,Deepak and Satisch. That she was not the girl he would normally be atraccted to beacuse she was not sweet and very king ( niet aardig en superlief ) She asked herself to go with them. They even stopped the car to let her out to go with her friends but she didnt want to get out. They showed her the places she wanted to see. At the end they were at the beach and Natalee wanted to stay there with Joran but Joran couldnt stay beause he had to go to school. He has been picked up that night by Satish.

The people who have served the papers to both Paul and Joran have reacted aggresive with a lot of pushing and shoving and attacks.. Paul and Anita have tried to warn Joran not to go trough customs and go back to the Netherlands immidiatly.They have tried to get him a cel.pone to tell him that.It was Joran's decison to go to the USA to tell his side of the story.He tells that he is innocent and therefor does not fear going to NY.He has been intorrogated by customs for 3 hours.

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Q. Kelly has made me proud to be an attorney! We certainly gave the Vandersloots a taste of their own medicine.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If she wasn't sweet and kind why did he say this to Current Affair?

WAGSCHAL: Right. Can you just explain to me any other thoughts? What about her… what was she like with you that night in a romantic way, I mean, how can you describe what she was like as a girl?

Current Suspect J. SLOOT: I don’t really know what to say, she was very nice. She was kind, and I feel horrible, because she asked me to stay with her there and look at the stars, and I told her, I had to go to school, I had to go home, and I feel horrible about that.

Just one of many contradictions all over again.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He thinks HE was with the wrong group?? Hey he's alive and walking around and yet he was with the wrong group! toooo funny.. I say let them keep talking. they keep hanging themselves.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the NOVA program tonight:

They showed the ABC interview and also the fact that Drd. Phil manufactured the tapes to incriminate the suspects and Drd. Phil's hate words for the island.

The v/d Sloot were in silence for months till now.

They also talked about the boycott called against the island.

Because he's so confident of his innocence he agrees for the interview. The parents were not happy wih Joran decision to talk to the media, but they support him and that's why they agreed to fly to New York to support him.

Paul showed the documents of the civil suit and explained about it.

Joran was still on its way when they were interviewed. They left a message for Joran while he was still on the plane to contact him when he arrived at the airport. They showed them in a cab on route to the airport and then the mother called him back and left a message for Joran to please do not leave the airport. She wanted to leave back to the Netherlands, but wants the opinion of Joran what he wants to do. Stay and continue with the interview or leave. Anita said that their lawyers were not happy about their decision to come to New York and that is why he was not with them, he did not want to be responsible. Their lawyer told them that this suit could happen.

Then the interview with Joran at the hotel and told how he was given the documents at the airport for the civil suit. It was a struggle at the airport but left without any further incident.

They showed how FOXnews broke the new while this was still happening.

He denies of ever treating a girl in a bad way. He aknowledges that his only mistake was to leave her alone on the beach. If he did not do that, maybe it could have ended differently. They lied because they thought that she would appear later on and nothing would have come out of that.

He know that it was no good to lie to the police but never tought that it would have come this way. He said that he was guilty he would have never gone to New York.

When the reporter asked Paul what he was going to do with the suit, he just said that all the points in the suit ar easy to proof otherwise, the information on the document was bogus.

Joran: I did know her a long time, I met her that same day. We were drunk, but I was not that interested in her. She asked if she could come with us. It was consencous, she shouted to her friends and her friends told her to get out of the car and she did not want to. And after being her on the beach he called satish and walked home. (I have to check this out. I heard: I called Deepak's brother and he was asked who and he said Satish. The word that came after that, I have to verify again.)

Paul: We have nothing to hide, that's why we want to tell our storie to the American media and because Aruba also follows the story from American media, we want to let them know we are not guilty.

The civil case will take place infront of a jury halfway in march.

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would say the person who was with the wrong group would be the one who is missing???? Noone is except the one who went with those 3.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good lord! The story has changed again. I'd like to shake this Joran fella to confess already!!!!

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how is it legal for JQK to admit on fox news that "they" acquired private privileged information about the flight from abroad to the US?

And.., Why is Kelly listed "delinqent" in the New York State registry?

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He can't even keep his lies straight.

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Satish's lawyers comments about that night with Greta

VAN SUSTEREN: Is there any text message which indicates when Satish and Deepak were home? Is there any way to figure that out?

KOCK: Yes. There are Internet records that show the time that Deepak got home. Of course, we do not have any for Satish because he went home, as you know, and went to his bedroom, went to sleep in his bedroom. There's no computer. He wasn't either on the phone anymore. But his brother, Deepak, was. And for that, we already have the records. And that is also what we indicated during the hearing of the so-called gardener, when he stated that at a certain time, he saw the three there, whereas we had concrete proof that that was just not possible.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Dompig's statement from Vanity Fair.

In fact, Dompig says, "nobody knows what time he got home." Nor is it clear how he got there. "He says he walked," Dompig continues, a distance of about two miles. "That is very unlikely."

The tennis shoes Joran wore that night have never been found, which police find suspicious.

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He stated he and his 2 friends thought up the Holliday Inn lie when they heard from his father there were people called HOLLOWAY standing outside the van der Sloot home. He and his friends then agreed to say they left her at the Holiday Inn because they thought she woulld resurface in a few days and because he didn't want family and friends to know that he left a girl alone at the beach.

Current Affair.. he didn't even know her name when they came to the door.

WAGSCHAL: I mean, are you that irresistible? Is that is…

Current Suspect J. SLOOT: No, I don’t know. That is absolutely not what it is about. I don’t know. When her parents showed up at my door with her picture I didn’t even know who Natalee HOLLOWAY was. I didn’t even know her name.

arrested body guard in the cell with Deepak.
JOHN: No (INAUDIBLE) never knew who he was, because he certainly was calling me Jamaican. He thought I was from Jamaica. So he was just talking to me freely and, you know, no problem.

I spoke to him more, and I tell him, "Tell me the truth," asking, "You saw the guy on the news?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Where the guy from?" He tell me, he think from Grenada. And right away, I knew he was talking about me, because I was the only one from Grenada.

So I decided to ask him a few more questions. And I said, "So you tell the guy (INAUDIBLE) what happened to the girl?" He said, "No." (INAUDIBLE) arrested on Thursday. I think a guy should be released that Friday, because, in their hearts, they know we were innocent.

He said a story being made up about dropping the girl of at a Holiday Inn, was all something being made up. He, and the Dutch guy, and the Dutch guy's father, they sit and made up the story.

VAN SUSTEREN: The father, too?

JOHN: All of them. They made up...

VAN SUSTEREN: Did he specifically say — Deepak specifically say to you the father was part of that?

JOHN: Deepak told me that he and the family sit down and they made up the story.

VAN SUSTEREN: So family and not father?

JOHN: Well, I don't know who the family consists of. But I know the father was involved, according to him.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Tatianna said...

nita thought nothing would happen if they came to the US eh?? HAHAHA
There are spies watching all of you
and have been for months, cleverly
placed voice activated video/audio
cameras in places so small you'll never find them. This is what you
Sloots have to look forward to now.
Not knowing for sure who among the locals are our eyes & ears, to wonder if ppl you meet really like
you or if they have an agenda. Not
knowing whose a real tourist & one
who's sent to pay locals who are watching you, finding very creative
places mini cams can hide. The arrogance and cruel indifference,
the trashing of Natalee who's only crime & tragic mistake was trusting
the promise YOU made of aruba safety has earned you plenty of enemies who at the very least are going to raise so much hell that no agency will even want to bother booking a trip to aruba.

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Tatianna you just spilled the beans didn't ya ?
Some spy and covert agent you'd make. Rule number one is to keep you eyes and ears open and your mouth shut.
Those little cameras can be found real easily and tape recorders too.
Why don't you go stick your head in the oven and bake your brain somemore?

11:20 AM  
Blogger dennisintn said...

where can we see the videos of what happened with these "rude process servers" and customs agents at the airport? why haven't we seen them yet? or is these allegations the same as all his other lies and exaggerations that are supposed to make the american and aruban public more tolerant and sympathetic towards him. sure hope these photos and videos show up soon.

1:30 PM  
Blogger dennisintn said...

where can we see the videos of what happened with these "rude process servers" and customs agents at the airport? why haven't we seen them yet? or is these allegations the same as all his other lies and exaggerations that are supposed to make the american and aruban public more tolerant and sympathetic towards him. sure hope these photos and videos show up soon.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Tatianna said...

I *spilled* nothing fool.
Covert enough track multiple flights complete with an escort (Scotland Yard Retired Detective)
for Joran the entire flight, reveals how very close we can be.
More locals are coming arround & their identities are top secret so don't you worry about spilt beans,those involved have enough to worry about just watching their backs.

6:33 PM  
Blogger nononsense1 said...

I hope those "locals" have some real information about this case and the whereabouts of NH.

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonight you will look GUILTY JORAN!!! Start singing like the liar liar you are. Deepak & Sateesh are going to really turn on YOU after they make a deal. TELL US WHERE NATALEE HOLLOWAY IS!!!

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deepak,Sateesh better turn or they are going down for killing Natalee. All 4 are guilty of what ever happen they need to save there asses and tell the truth now.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why didn't those girls who JvdS date raped accused him?

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The girls have filed complants and I am sure we all will see them on tv soon.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This case was filed because it is a way to get the truth in the reports out.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deepak, After finding out Joran had someone watching him on the airplane I wonder how close they are to you right now and you do not even know it?

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone cant file suit unless they can prove there side.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous gerold said...

Deepak & Satish
I think they've wanted to come forward & tell lots of times but they're afraid & rightly so when your good friends Dad (and god father--polici)own that island.

Deepak& Satish you need to get the hell away from aruba so u can tell where NATALEE's body is and collect the reward money.
It won't surprise anyone if you 2 brothers are found dead in the near future. Aruban news will report suicide notes were found admitting your guilt along with undeniable evidence to back up the notes. Evidence that Paules has hidden from you and will plant near your cold corpses when the time is right.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deepak and Satish you are being set up and you may think you have no choice but you do. Contact the fbi they will get you out of Aruba you can tell them the truth and collect the reward and have a life. PAULUS IS NOT YOUR GOD OR YOUR FRIEND.You are being used this guy has no respect for you to him you are worthless. Fear may be why you stay quite but you will be safe if you make the right choice to contact the FBI. You may end up along with your brother and maybe your mother dead if paulus can not figure out a way to blame you. Think about this and contact the FBI Protect your family.

12:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure the 3 girls are being protected by the FBI and will come forward when this case goes to court. They have given Statements. Everyone who is going to say the truth needs Protection from Joran's Father. Common Sents.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous EF said...

Joran - I have been watching your interviews - and you look nervous. Please tell them where Natalee is. I found it odd - that you couldnt remember if Nataleee took her shoes off with you. Why would she take her shoes off if she was in sandals anyway? The sand goes through them. Also - I think you lied about your shoes becuase there was blood on yours. At first you had ONE shoe- now you left BOTH. ODD! Also - NOBODY would attempt to walk home WITHOUT their shoes - so that just doesnt click for me. I think you TOOK Natlalee to your house to have sex with her - (without consent- she was out of it) and something went drastically wrong. Was it the same scenerio as that sex tape that was made and you tunrned it into a snuff film? Did something else go wrong like she started to wake up during her rape and you let her choke on vomit? I think your dad hid the body in your house for a while. Your friendship with Deepak seems rotten to the CORE. Was he angry at the slave comment- which I highly doubt she said anyway- that pushed Deepak into a murderous/raping rage? I mean -you even said Deepak doesnt get girls. What REALLY happened Joran??? Please- becuase your story isnt matching. PLEASE LET Equisearch go through your home and the outside. let them dig - so we can move on- if you didnt do it. But your house feels like it is where she was/is. TO PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE - LET THEM SEARCH YOUR FAMILIES GROUNDS COMPLETELY.
Your answer- if you saw Natalee - you would HATE her- made you look horrible. A normal answer would have been - how relieved you were, or I am SO happy to see you alive. You would hate her - becuase when you see her -you feel shame. That is guilty Joran. The shoes are a HUGE mess up. YOU- worried about school? Doubt it - especially since your time line stinks. If you care about school so much - why go out at 1145pm to get to Carlos & Charlies at 12:15-12:30? What nice girl in her RIGHT /SOUND mind would ever hook up with you after you showed up with 30 minutes to go. You looked like you went to get "some"- with your 2 tag alongs- never getting anything. Why not bring some ectasy and slip one to the easiest victim. Kathleen was already busy - so you "picked" avaliable innocent Natalee to Drug. She NEVER would have went with you after you showed up so dis-respectfully late. Its a rule girls have - to never leave with a guy - especailly at the end of the night. You didnt even hang out 45-min to an hour. Do you think your that great???? Well - slipping her the E - got it easier for you boys. Until you show ME otherwise - I think YOU 3 did it.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I think there are more then 3 are you forgetting Steve?

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure the 3 girls will come forward and we might be surprised how many guys are involded with this.The FBI will protect anyone who comes forward.

11:38 PM  
Anonymous EF said...

11:36 comment- annonymous - did you mean Steve Croes??? Who is Steve? Thanks

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Paulas will have Deepak and Sastise killed and if this will happen. Some posters seem to know whats really going on in Aruba. Evidence that Paules has hidden from you and will plant near your cold corpses when the time is right.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joran - can you give more information about Deepak & Sateesh??? If you have less to do with this - and you can help -PLEASE GIVE THE POLICE INFO. ON DEEPAK & SATESSH. THANKS

9:35 AM  
Anonymous EF said...


11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

H E R E ????

3:48 PM  
Anonymous EF said...

Why are there no updates???? I still KNOW Joran, Deepak, Sateesh , Paulus and Steve Croes are GUILTY. Anita- knows too

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JORAN VAN DER SLOOT is a murdering raping lying flaming bisexual!!!


I hope they get fucking shot.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love for anyone to torture him slowly cut his dick off and shove it in his ass and then kill him. and kill his dad and the 2 paco fucks

2:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u or ur friends killed her, i hope all of u find the same fate in life.

5:07 AM  

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